Tal Proshan Law & Notary office is a boutique law firm located in Tel-Aviv city, Israel. Our specialists are in the Israeli State Immigration Law and Status Regulation.


Our firm was established in the year of 2004 and it is one of the most experienced law firm in Israel.


We are bringing to our clients a long, strong, and well experienced knowledge in the field of State Immigration Law. Working with the Israeli Government Offices and Judicial Authorities for so many years, have provided us the ability to serve our clients with a luxurious, well suited, personal legal care. Our lawyers will accompany you all the way from the earliest stages of your case. Including filing out and submitting status applications at the Population and Immigration Authority offices and/or The Ministry of Interior. When needed, we will submit your applications and represent you at petitions and appeals to the ‘Entry to Israel Law Review Tribunal’, District Courts and the Supreme Court.

Our services:

Accompanying issues such as paternity examination, civil marriage abroad, annulment of a marriage etc
Notarial services (including translations and apostille)
- בקשות מיוחדות למעמד על רקע הומניטרי
- שחרור מעוכבי כניסה לישראל
- ניהול עררים מול בית הדין לעררים, ועתירות וערעורים מנהליים לפני בתי המשפט המחוזי והעליון
- בקשות שחרור ממשמורות וניהול הליכים מול בתי הדין לביקורת משמורת של שוהים שלא כדין
- חוות דעת משפטיות וייעוץ בכל הנוגע לעסקת עובדים זרים הן למעסיקים פרטיים והן לבתי עסקים וחברות
- שירותי תרגום, אישורים נוטריוניים ושירותי אפוסטיל

Foreign workers – including working permits and administrative fines
Family reunification – marriage or common-law
Residency issues
Asylum requests and refugee status
Applications for entry and stay in Israel
“Aliyah” visas and returning residents
Extending permits to stay, work or tour
Special requests for status, including humanitarian and medical requests

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